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About Me

I am a certified Integrative Life Coach and a Yoga Health Coach who is focused on helping people live their best life in body, mind and spirit.

After 20-plus years of performing body and energy work, I naturally evolved to coaching my clients as well. I was then inspired to transition to coaching full-time so I can devote the wisdom I have accumulated through my life experiences to helping people gain the same wisdom and enthusiasm for living.


My focus and approach

I have always immersed myself in an environment that is focused on health and healthy lifestyles for body, mind and spirit. I appreciate the value of ancient holistic health systems such as yoga and Ayurveda, which are thousands of years old but have now been proven by science to be beneficial. 

I approach both my one-to-one and group coaching with compassion, creativity, collaboration and humor. My intention is to inspire clients to feel more love, grace, and gratitude, and to have faith and reverence in their potential for living a life filled with joy, optimism, wealth and success. By tapping into the ancient traditions of my Mexican ancestry, along with my profound instincts and intuition, I help clients with developing their spirituality, intuition and resourcefulness.

I am not your typical life or personal health coach. Through my focus on healing the body, mind and spirit, I can not only guide you on fulfilling your personal goals and dreams, but also get you on the path to living your best life.

I trust in our innate ability to heal ourselves and support that theory by providing the space, wisdom, guidance and skills to allow that healing to begin. It is my honor and privilege to do my work – 23 years of practicing my craft and I love what I do!  


In wisdom & gratitude, 


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