• The Trigger Point Pillow: One of my favorite things! This is the bomb for shoulders that seem to have a special attraction to your ears.  If you'd like to try it, let me know the next time you're in and i'll let you take mine for a test drive.   


  • Digital Moist Heating Pad:  Using a moist heating pad nightly has saved my body from chronic pain due to how I use my body for work and play.  I use ice and then heat after a hard work day or workout.  It's wide enough and long enough to span my full back, drape my hips and lower back or use on my hamstrings or quads.  Definitely worth the money!  

Prenatal Massage


  • Nauset Chiropractic – Mark Griffin, Orleans – 508-240-1037

  • Lowey Chiropractic – Kevin Lowey, Orleans – 508-255-5866

  • Acupuncture – Rob Ludera, Eastham – 508-246-3789

  • Laughing Hearts Acupuncture – Liz Grant, Wellfleet – 508-349-7700

  • Acupuncture with Hope – Hope LeClair, Orleans – 508-945-2903

  • Beth Sheehan – NP Emerald Physicians, Hyannis – 508-778-4777

  • Jodi Nolan – Personal Trainer, Orleans – 508-237-6518

  • Melissa Tiers – Hypnotherapist, New York – Center for Integrative Hypnosis

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