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Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit


Deep Trance Sessions


Deep Trance is a process where a profound hypnotic trance is induced, and, within that, a person is led to imagine and visualize the next steps in their growth process. In a trance state, you have the capacity to make realizations about yourself and your situation or issue. You get in touch with your sub-conscious mind and make connections you would not normally see in full consciousness. In this state of deep trance, you can challenge negative behavior, old thought patterns and limited thinking and replace them with more positive alternatives.

Book an appointment today if you’re ready to ‘get out of your own way.’


Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

healing hands

A relaxing full-body massage, targeting sore muscles, stiff joints and daily aches and pains. Your session will include a custom combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage, shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, and energy work, tailored to your specific needs. 

60 minutes: $130
75 minutes: $160

90 minutes: $190

Text 774-722-0295 for an appointment request.

Lymphatic Detox Massage (a.k.a. Lymphatic Drainage)

lymphatic detox massage cape cod

Reiki/Energy Work


A profoundly relaxing massage using specific light touch that assists the lymphatic system to support the immune system and ease inflammation throughout the body. This is a great treatment to ease depression, exhaustion or anxiety. It's also helpful after certain surgeries and for hard-working athletes. 

60 minutes: $120

Text 774-722-0295 for an appointment request.

Listen to my talk about Lymphatic Detox Massage in this podcast.

An ancient art of touch therapy that realigns and rebalances the energy field of the body by alleviating problems or blocks of energy flow on the physical and emotional levels. A great treatment for those who don't like to be touched or are very sensitive to touch. 

60 minutes: $120

Text 774-722-0295 for an appointment request.


See FAQs regarding my bodywork.


Group Coaching


Become part of a like-minded, beautifully supportive and collaborative community of people who also seek better health, more pleasure, beauty, simplicity, clarity, and wholeheartedness. My “Vibrant Living” Course is a group coaching program focused on building healthy, mindful habits for living your best life. The “Spiritualistic Woman” program leads the group on a visionary and spiritual journey to explore and develop their intuition, self-awareness and the tools for living a life that is guided by nature and more in tune with the Universe and Mother Earth. Learn more.

One-on-One Coaching


Get the benefit of my 20-plus years of skilled training in body + energy work and coaching. My wisdom has developed through performing my own self-development and growth, and my broad experience helping people like you with finding better health, inner peace, stability, and increased truth and knowledge about the life they want to lead. Learn more.

Couples Coaching


Obtain sound advice, intuition and insight for becoming unstuck and moving your lives forward. Address the challenges you are experiencing with both self-development and growing your relationship, ultimately achieving more personal fulfillment and greater contentment and commitment as a couple. Learn more.

What People Say

Green Leaves


You made me feel so comfortable... the most relaxed I’ve ever been during a massage. I was in heaven!

Green Leaves


I've traveled a lot, and this is one of the best massages I've ever had!

Green Leaves


Where I fail, you succeed!

Want to learn about the new studies and research being conducted on the brain and how we can make changes by literally changing our minds? Check out my discussion on neuroplasticity with Paula Sperry's Podcast - Talking Back on WOMR Radio to learn more!

Listen to my podcast about New Year's Resolutions with Paula Sperry on WOMR Radio.

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