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There are times in most people’s lives where they just get stuck.  This spring I experienced some of the most challenging family issues in my lifetime. I had done what I could and needed to accept some new realities. However I struggled moving on, yes I was stuck. Mercedez, through her coaching. helped me move on with my life. She has a professional but also kind and compassionate approach. She provided tools and thought processes that really helped me move on with my life. My spirit is better and I am on track to absorb life, open up to relationships and be active and energized again. I would strongly recommend using Mercedez as a life coach.

- Jim G., Co

Local and Owner Operated!  I met Mercedez when I was having problems with my back and she did wonders with a massage.  I learned that she was also a life coach and I was interested to find out more about what she was offering. As I am entering into what I call the third chapter of my life I realized it was time for me to make some changes.  I wanted to find health and make changes that would be permanent.  I have been able to make some great strides with guidance from Mercedez.  My experience with Mercedez was very grounded and I learned everything I need is right in front of me.  Mercedez is a great listener and she has great intuition.  If you think you might like to make some changes and get healthy consider a call to Mercedez not a big corporate owned facility. 

- Denise K., Cape Cod, MA

The one point that sticks out in my mind the most that I learned from you is to let things happen. It makes me feel carefree compared to when I used a lot of energy to force things to happen. I have never felt so at peace in my life. It just feels good to have a zest for life again! Your positive energy alone was contagious and helpful!

- Jeff S., MA

Thank you, Mercedez, for facilitating a very positive way to begin the new year with a great group of women!

- Jenn M., MA

If you are looking for true renewal of spirit, body and mind, through massage or energy healing, Mercedez is the one to help you. She is a true healer. She was so present and intuitive with my body and energy channels that she could sense more going on with me that I could. She is strong and nurturing and made me feel safe enough to open up on deeper levels. This is not a typical "spa massage" that is just relaxing and you can get anywhere. This was a reawakening of my spirit and a cleansing of the energetic habits that didn't serve me anymore... and Mercedez knew how to find them and draw them out in very soulful ways, much to my surprise. She is the most authentic person. She is a clear stand out. I've had massage and energy work done at Canyon Ranch and Kripalu, but those experiences never even came close to what Mercedez can tap into. She is the healer you are seeking.

- Mindy D.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for blessing my new house recently!  The relaxing effects were immediately positive and it definitely increased my sense of well-being!

AND, I am convinced it had the intended effects or releasing any negative energy that had accumulated.

-Your South American heritage gave me confidence in your protocols, incantations, mindfulness and reverence, and it was an honor you accepted me as your client.

Thank you for your respect and kindness.

- Anne S.

When you meet Mercedez, you will immediately feel a sense of peace. Even the room that I was in felt miles away from the door that I had just come through.

One of the first things I noticed about Mercedez was that she really listens to you and your concerns. Her questions prove her authenticity. Her words and thoughts are meaningful but more importantly kind and supportive. It's obvious that she wants you to thrive and enjoy a wonderful experience. 

She honestly gets excited to know that she has helped you mentally, physically and spiritually. I get the sense that she is inspired by everyone she meets. She hasn't stopped learning and growing, and neither should you!

- Bev.

I originally joined the In-Body Training program because I have Multiple Sclerosis. I am 48 years old and was diagnosed 10 years ago. I would like to be able to deal with my condition without the use of medication.

The Ayurveda process that Mercedez speaks about, along with getting back into the rhythms of nature and more in tune with our bodies was intriguing to me.

I just completed Quarter 1 and what it has brought to me so far is a greater awareness of what works for me and why I am doing certain things. The breakdown of habits is insightful, interesting and definitely heightens your awareness.

What I have enjoyed about the program is that there is no pressure to suddenly become this person that goes to bed early, eats the perfect meals all the time, etc. But it is about making tiny steps to change your life in the long term.

I am excited to go through the habits again to gain a deeper level of awareness and clarity.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is on the fence about making changes in their life.

- Gina L.

I have been so thankful for your email and social media posts, since we last worked with each other in person.  I know that we only did so a few times, but it was so impactful on my spirit, body, brain...

- V. K. - MA

That was so wonderful today Mercedez. Your self massaging techniques were very well received and completely appreciated. Your honesty with how important it is to live and appreciate our bodies was a breath of fresh air.
I look forward to continued collaboration with you in the future.

- L.S.

I feel so much stronger. Words can not express how grateful I am. You are a true natural divine soul.
Going on FB now to like your page. By the way I love the name Inner Net Café . So, clever.

-M.C. MA

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