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Are your body and mind constantly moving, yet you find you are not getting anywhere with your life? Do you feel depleted physically and spiritually and need to find a way to stop, rest and work on taking care of yourself as much you take care of others?

If you’re feeling it’s time for you to stop letting life spin you out of control, my one-to-one coaching can help set you on the path to wholeness, wellness and greater joy. I will guide you toward developing a stronger connection to yourself – your intuition and to the natural world around us and her rhythms.  With my unique coaching techniques and approaches, I can help you get unstuck, change the daily habits and patterns that no longer serve you and remove those obstacles to self-development, personal fulfillment, healing, stability, growth, and vision.

Working with me, you will gain more self-awareness, master the midlife turning point you are experiencing and tap into your intuition and the gifts it provides to help you LEAD and LIVE your best life!

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Are you ready for more energy, clearer focus and a sense of purpose? Are you doing all the "right" things but still feel like you're missing something? Do you struggle to feel joy or satisfaction daily?

If so, join me and a like-minded group of people in this program focused on building healthy, mindful habits for living your best life. I will introduce you to my formula for achieving a robust body, emotional balance, healthy relationships, and a greater connection to nature and the universe.

In Vibrant Living, I create a space for women to be themselves, to speak their truth, and clarify, nourish and  birth what they envision for themselves and their lives. Participants come away inspired to feel more love, grace and gratitude, and to have faith and reverence in their potential for living a life filled with joy, optimism, wealth and success.

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