Discover the ancient and vital daily rituals that will lead you to the healthy, happy, purposeful life you were born to live!

Master your Body and Mind and infuse your life with spirit!

If you are ready to start living your best life now, don't hesitate, join me and a dynamic group of women as we take the journey of our life!

Are you ready?

  • Are you ready for more energy, a clear mind & purpose?

  • Are you doing all the "right" things and still feel like you're missing something? or that things could be better?

  • Do you feel bored with your current routine?

  • Do you struggle to feel joy or satisfaction daily?

  • Have you read the books, watched the webinars, gone to the conferences, and still feel like the changes you're hoping for are as elusive as ever?

  • Are you like me and wondering why we were not taught how to take care of this body we live in?

  • Are you re-awakening to your self and struggling to find connection?

If you are ready to be excited about life, ready to reignite your spirit and passion for living. If you are ready for the journey of your lifetime - then my Mindful Habits ~ Living Organically + Healing Naturally Course is for YOU!!!

A personal invitation:

My dear friend,


I know you’re doing the best you can – you have a full and busy life and you’re juggling it all. You make sure everything and everyone is taken care of, and sometimes it even comes at the price of not taking care of yourself. 


I know because I've been there. On the surface things were great, busy with career, family, friends and an active lifestyle. But churning below the surface were desires of having time to just be, to pause, to enjoy the present moments. I was often thinking of what was coming next, what was the next fire that needed putting out or tending. It was exhausting and unfulfilling.

Over 3 decades, and most recently in the last 6-7 years I have worked to mold myself into the someone I've always seen myself to be. In those years I created a formula that works for me. I am now sharing that formula. If you want to...


  • Have a life that you love to wake up to

  • Experience a change and become the woman you envisioned you would be

  • Feel healthy and happy

  • Have a sense of importance in both your career and home life

  • Have relationships that celebrate your wins, and stick it out with you – good and bad

  • Be courageous and take risks learning new things and meeting new people

  • Have the tools to manage your emotions and process them through to healing

  • Live your life on purpose, in joy & gratitude

If you don't do something about this now, then when will it be your turn to blossom & flourish?

This is the time to take care of yourself, to live a purposeful life infused with spirit & awareness and most of all - to LIVE HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

The problem is:

You are not happy and you feel like you do not have the time and energy to expend on yourself.

Maybe you:

  • Have tried talking to friends or family but they don't really understand what you're going through

  • Have taken the self-help path (or multiple self-help paths) to happiness, but ultimately they didn't really help

  • Are just so tired of trying that you have become numb or have found ways to just keep moving ahead at the cost of your health and happiness?

  • Are done trying to find the answers on your own?

  • Are in need of someone in your life who can listen to you deeply and walk with you on your journey

If you are searching for connection and feeling like you've lost your spirit and passion for life, if you have stopped being curious about your tomorrows and you can't find your happy place anymore, then you don't have to wait any longer to begin your journey of change.

The only way for change to happen is to change what is happening! You must TAKE ACTION NOW in a new direction to change your perspective. You must have the courage, dear one, to give yourself a second chance.

Let's re-introduce you to the spiritual, magical, healthy and happy woman buried deep inside you!

"Mercedez is a gifted healer, an intuitive old soul, and a wise one, whose council and coaching inspired me to begin a new journey. I hadn’t worked with a Life Coach before, but I knew I needed help getting out of my old habits which weren’t serving me anymore. I’ve been practicing mindfulness for over six years and the things I had to focus on in her program felt familiar, yet new simultaneously.


Our weekly chats helped me believe in myself and with Mercedez’s encouragement, I found I was making great progress on my new path. When old habits sprung up, I had Mercedez to talk with about them, and she helped normalize them and showed me new perspectives on how to make choices that I couldn’t think up on my own. Working with her, was a great investment of my time and financial resources. The gifts and awareness she helped me see, I still see, every day. I’m on my new path now. It’s working and it’s a little scary, but I feel more Alive and centered within myself than I ever have."

- Mindy D.

My story

As a successful bodywork therapist, energy healer, and health coach, I work with women who are reawakening to the idea of the potential to re-imagine their personal evolution and improve their health, and relationships and reignite their passions and deeper desires. I thrive on watching women transform and reconnect to their divinity, realigning to their personal growth and self-care. We, together, get clear on their objectives and goals, remove limiting thoughts and change behavioral patterns that stop them from being happy, healthy and living an easeful life. I guide & mentor them on how to take their health – body, mind and spirit - into their own hands.

I was where you are now. In fact, I found that I had picked up an addiction that was limiting me and holding me back from my

desires. Some addictions are acceptable and oftentimes we laugh about it; making jokes about how we deserve that thing or person we're addicted to.  You may know what I''m talking about, that glass of wine in the evening to wind down. Sometimes its two; sometimes maybe more. Most times we hide our ‘relaxation’ go-to; there’s also food, sex, tv, social media, isolation, cigarettes, marijuana, etc. You get what I'm saying.  Becoming more aware, I could see now when I would "quit" one and unconsciously replace it with another! So frustrating!

Oh yeah, I was there too. I get it.

For me it was ironic… I was numbing-out, so I could be present to my family, friends and clients. You see, like many of you, I’m the rock that people lean on when they need support, advice, and sisterly wisdom. I’ve also had a tough time sticking to saying no when I’m already overwhelmed. I know how you’ve been feeling.

On the surface doing great... really. But on the inside I was feeling Passionless. Disconnected. Directionless. Lonely.

And then in a series of unexpected traumatic events, I was broken down and having to face myself. It was tough to look at; you see, I am the healer. And now I was in trouble and needing a way out. I had to reach out. And so I went to work. I searched for a mentor, someone to guide me into feeling better. Someone to inspire me in body, mind & spirit.

I found my coach. I received the support I needed. I learned new techniques and tools to support my healing and was reminded of the strategies that had worked for me in the past.  I put it all into practice. I live my rituals every day. I do it because it is the change in my life; meaning it not only changed my life but continues to change it as I continue to grow spiritually and age gracefully.

And now…

  • I am more curious and I wake up with excitement for the days’ events. 

  • I don’t feel guilty for taking care of myself. 

  • I am present in my relationships.

  • I have goals for my career and future.

  • I truly enjoy doing the things that really matter to me.

  • I take good care of my body and have fun with it (I skate, workout, dance, garden and play).

I can guide & mentor you in how to nurture your self-care and evolution, change habits that no longer serve you, and have better relationships. It’s time to start living your life and not just surviving it.

It’s time to stop being numb and feel all the feels of life again. Step up to the challenge and be willing to change. Take your life in your hands and create from within what you want to see on the outside. It can be done. It  has been done. You can do it!


Let's re-introduce you to the spiritual, magical, healthy and happy woman buried deep inside you!

"Mercedez leads her coaching and courses with compassion, equanimity  and caring . She helped me come back to the true sense of who I am and  map out where I want to go in life. She uses her intuitive sense and knowledge to guide and hold space for people to embark the sacred journey we call life."

- Cynthia G., CT

My annual program is what you’ve been searching for! It is specifically formatted to get you focused and keep you committed. My course is based on ancient and science-based Ayurvedic and Yogic self-healing methods, the teachings from my coach and mentor, Cate Stillman, and so many other mentors and teachers and, of course, my personal life experiences.  

Mindful Habits ~ Living Organically + Healing Naturally is structured to get you started, lead you through changes and breakthroughs and keep you focused and committed to your goals for your self-care, and spiritual and personal growth.

The next round of the 2021 Course Begins April 11th

Enrollment has started and seats are going quickly! Be sure to book yours today!

The program begins with a one week orientation to get you ready to start the first quarter of your 12-month Mindful Habits ~ Living Organically + Healing Naturally Course journey. After orientation week, we will dive into 10 Daily Habits & change work. Each quarter is 12 weeks long.

  • 1st Mindful Habits Course begins January 5

  • 2nd Mindful Habits Course begins April 11

  • 3rd Mindful Habits Course begins July 11

  • 4th  Mindful Habits Course begins October 10

An annual membership includes:

  • 1 live 60 minute group coaching Zoom Meeting per week during each 12 week round

  • Bonus calls with Guest speakers

  • 6, 1:1 coaching gym sessions

  • 50% off admission to workshops

  • Invitation and special pricing for retreats

The New YOU Journey bus is about to roll out, so if you're ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE in 2021 don't hesitate - schedule your Wellness Strategy Session TODAY!

You will talk, I will listen deeply & together we'll decide if we're a fit! I'm looking forward to meeting with you!

*Payment plans available

Don't waste another minute! Do this for you, and make 2021 the year of YOU!


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