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I trust in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and support that theory by providing the space, bodywork skills, and knowledge to allow that healing to begin. It is my honor and privilege to do my work – 23 years of practicing my craft and I still love what I do!  I believe that it is at this conjunction of a body-mind release that allows the individual to experience a truer sense of presence - a re-acquaintance, a re-aligning, and a rejoicing. 


In wisdom & gratitude, 



Experience the feeling of coming home to your body.

With experienced hands and a sixth sense for searching out tight, overworked, and congested muscles, I integrate Swedish, Deep Tissue, acupressure, trigger point and vibration to coax the muscles to let go and release – while incorporating cranial sacral, reiki, ancestral energy techniques, and guided meditation to clear the mind for a deep rest and reconnection of body-mind.


Through deep trance sessions we’ll work with your conscious & subconscious minds, putting up roadblocks to thoughts, feelings or habits which hold you back from your desired life. We’ll work together to establish, new, lasting neuropathways – positive, healthy thoughts, feelings and habits – so you can feel and be your best!

What are you waiting for?

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Therapeutic massage and personal development by Mercedez Calleros

Female massage therapist & health + lifestyle Coach serving Eastham and Lower Cape Cod

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