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Welcome to Midlife Mastery – An Adventure Course for the Best of Your Life!

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I'm Mercedez Calleros, Self-Care Expert and Integrative Health Coach.

I'm fascinated by and committed to my body and its innate ability to heal itself.

I'm in love with nature and enjoy spending time in it any chance I get.

I believe we are here to evolve into our optimal extraordinary selves.

I believe in magic and miracles.

I created my course, Midlife Mastery, out of the sheer pleasure of finally feeling like I found the magic pill. I know how the body works. I know how the mind works. And I know they are connected. Science has proven it. I also know that spirit or soul exists and we are It. I’ve discovered the keys to living spiritually in today's world and I’m feeling connected, nourished, nurtured, fulfilled, and joyful.

In our current world of extremes, I’m more compelled to get the word out that we have options about how we engage in our lives. We can live differently than society at large has gotten accustomed to. We have the will and the way to change what we’re doing to create space for better living.

The biggest obstacle for most people is themselves. They can visualize their greatest desires but they cannot seem to commit to expressing the actions that will carry out the changes to get them to those desires! It’s frustrating to me when I can see the extraordinary change a client can make yet they are so stuck in old beliefs and patterns that they can’t see their way out. Even when you’re handing them the keys!!

So, I’ll start there, with Commitment. If you’re ready to commit to getting curious, being aware, learning & experimenting with new ways of being, and meeting your self-sabotaging self, head-to-head, and taking it to your growing edges then Midlife Mastery is for you!!

Midlife Mastery is an experiential live adventure – you are the researcher and the test subject. I provide the lab (space), the experimental elements, support, mentoring and guidance. We create change in a fun, loving, supportive environment with other people on the same adventure.

And, if you’re not ready to make the commitment, well, that’s okay too! If you have the awareness that you cannot wholly commit, I invite you to dig deeper into that awareness and see where your obstacle resides. Where is the resistance that is allowing you to not commit to something you innately know will be good for you, your health and your family?

This program is infused in Ayurveda wisdom, yoga philosophy, metaphysics & lifestyle awareness.  It provides group support, and individual mentoring. We explore the evolution of your wellness through an online platform in the comfort of your own space. It is an experience created to encourage you to get curious and clear about your choices and your goals.

Join a tribe that will support, challenge and hold the space for your accelerated positive lifestyle change! Remember and experience the value of collective sharing of goals, desires, obstacles, challenges, failures and wins.

We get clear. We spark our curiosity and intuition. We reset our bodies to work with the rhythm of the day and the seasons. We focus on self-awareness, deeper nourishment and living in alignment. You will experience; better sleep, more energy and less aches, more optimal digestion, improved relationships, less overwhelm, more patience and an overall sense of deeper wellness.

Members are guided, challenged and supported within the dynamic group to evolve into better self-care habits and move towards thrive in their life to feel healthier, more vibrant, energized and balanced in their body, mind and emotions.

If this is what you’ve been searching for, don’t hesitate, schedule your Wellness Strategy Session with me today!

The Strategy Session is a free 30-45 minute call and required before registering for the Midlife Mastery Course.

Discover the simplicity of maintaining a strong self-care foundation for living the best of your life!

Are you ready to experience...

  • Feeling more grounded?

  • Aging gracefully?

  • Having more energy?

  • Being more organized?

  • Feeling inspired?

  • Having better digestion?

  • Living more in tune with your body?

  • Meditating and exercising regularly?

  • Making wiser food choices?

  • Having healthier cravings?

  • Waking rested, refreshed and clear-headed?

  • Encouraging your body to thrive?

  • A sustainable self-care routine?

What is Midlife Mastery?

The Midlife Mastery Course invites you to explore and experiment with simple, yet powerful practices to take charge of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Using the wisdom of Ayurveda, and yoga together with modern day behavioral science, neuroscience, the Pantheon of Goddesses, spiritual tools and the moon cycles, Midlife Mastery is about shifting into deeper alignment with nature’s rhythm to access deeper health throughout your body. You will come to know the most important habits & rituals from ancient & modern day wisdom to build a strong immune system, increase resilience to stress, and slow down accelerated aging.

The theory of Midlife Mastery is simple: you commit to taking better care of your body and mind, you show up to make real changes for real life, and you get the guidance, support & encouragement you need to propel yourself forward & upward!

What do you get?

  •  3 full moon cycles (approximately 8-9) of the Midlife Mastery Course. Within each moon cycle we will explore the habits and rituals that will allow you to go deeper with more automation in your self-care and personal evolution.

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions: These online, weekly, live sessions are offered to keep you focused, inspired and on track with your personal goals. Scheduled for every Tuesday 8-9pm via Zoom.

  • Downloadable Copy of the Midlife Mastery Workbook & Journal: Worksheets, activities and journal prompts to deepen your learning and support your new habits.

  • Videos, Podcasts, and Lessons: These will go out every week & will relate to the work we are diving into. Sent throughout the program these are usually short and meant for additional information and venturing. They are based on ancient teachings, metaphysics, habit evolution, habit science and neuroplasticity. You choose how deep and how committed you want to be with each habit or ritual.


  • Individual Coaching Sessions: You receive 3 additional 20 min. 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me. I am here to support your personal evolution and problem solve when challenges arise.

  • Special Pricing for Workshops & Retreats: As a Midlife Mastery tribe member, you’ll receive special pricing for any workshops or retreats I am offering in 2020.

  • Accountability Partners: Research shows you see better results when you are accountable to someone else and you feel inspired and stay motivated when you receive the kind of personalized support that comes from sharing a common goal. As a tribe member of the Midlife Mastery Course, you will be matched up with another tribe member to support each other between group coaching sessions. This becomes your ‘go to’ for quick support and questions.

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for Midlife Mastery tribe members.

Invest in yourself!

The Midlife Mastery Course is scheduled to launch February 9th, 2020!! Registration is now OPEN! If this is sounding like your next step in your personal & spiritual evolution -

Schedule your Midlife Strategy Session today!

Be apart of my beta group and receive an AMAZING price available only for my first group!

Still not ready to commit? When you sign-up you also receive these amazing bonuses for FREE!

  • Kitchen Sadhana & Decluttering Strategies

  • Complimentary Basic Self-Care Kit

  • Recipe book for your Dosha

  • Deep Trance Session (either Live or via Zoom)

Why a Group?

Studies have shown that to make real and lasting change, we need to slowly shift our habits in a highly supported environment. Working in a group provides opportunities for support, accountability in staying the course, learning from each other, and enjoying a community of others who hold similar values and goals. The program is a 100% practical, results-based experience.

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